3D CAD for the 2D Engineer: Building Assemblies

As an engineer, using 2D tools to CREATE designs is easy. However, using 2D to ANALYZE assembly designs can be time-consuming and challenging. It's next to impossible to determine proper hole alignment and find interferences between components with static 2D design tools. Fortunately, 3D modeling solutions, like SOLIDWORKS®3D CAD software, provide an easier and better way to identify these problems early in the design process.


SOLIDWORKS helps you cut design costs, reduce complexity, and minimize the chance for errors and rework. With SOLIDWORKS you can:

  • Identify misaligned holes quickly using the Hole Alignment Tool
  • Create intelligent relationships between holes and their mates to ensure constant alignment
  • Discover interference points between components easily using the Interference Detection Tool
  • Visually determine underlying causes of interference using section views
  • Pinpoint any potential collisions between moving parts using the Collision Detection Tool
  • Check clearances to ensure proper range of motion within specified tolerances

Watch the video to start learning how SOLIDWORKS software can help you quickly analyze assembly designs to identify and fix interference problems before manufacturing.



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