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Simuulation bannerPelf Infotech would like to take the opportunity to thank all customers for being a part of SolidWorks Simulation Event “validation- driven-design”and making it yet another successful event.The event saw more than 80 attendees.All technical sessions were full of knowledge.Customers relished all the sessions.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation event “Validation-driven Design”Pelf Infotech


Simuulation banner

Pelf Infotech is inviting you to  join us for a complimentary luncheon seminar as we showcase how design and manufacturing companies similar to yours are solving their most challenging design validation problems using SOLIDWORKS’ powerful simulation and design validation capabilities.on 8th September, 2015 PUNE @
Le Meridien, Raja Bahadur
Mill Rd, Sangamvadi

Get Ready For SOLIDWORKS 2016:Pelf InfoTech

SWLaunch16_SaveTheDateWe have been hard at work all year and are ready to roll out the new user-requested features in SOLIDWORKS 2016. We’ve added new tools that will empower you to innovate better and faster than your competitors and ramp up your productivity so you can get your products to market fast. Don’t miss seeing SOLIDWORKS 2016 live as we unveil all the new features at a launch event near you.

SOLIDWORKS 2016’s new enhancements include tools to help you solve complex problems faster and earlier; streamline all parallel design processes; connect electrical and mechanical design; collaborate across multiple disciplines; and fast-track designs to manufacturing. The result: you can focus on design, not CAD.

Don’t miss out. Reserve your seat today!

At SOLIDWORKS 2016 launch events, you can:

  • Engage with experts to see how SOLIDWORKS tools empower innovation
  • Get skilled on the advanced tools and improved graphical interface
  • Look under the hood at automated features that enable you to focus on design, not CAD
  • Gain insight into the industry-specific tools that address your unique needs
  • Swap tips & tricks with peers from your local SOLIDWORKS Community

Register today to take advantage of the new tools in SOLIDWORKS 2016 that will empower you to innovate better and get your products to market faster than ever.

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Happy Independence Day


How SolidWorks Simulation can augment Design & Development Process ???

Authored by Shibshankar Chakraborty - Manager Strategic commercial Account and Education Sales, Pelf InfoTech 

In today‟s competitive business environment , innovation & faster time to market are the buzzwords for any industry so as to be relevant with the changing dynamics. Gone are the days, when the product used to drive the consumer –sentiments, in fact the situation is other way round. Product –developers & Manufacturers across the globe are busy in quenching the perennial thirst of the consumers by ushering state of the art products & services at an optimal cost. On the part of manufacturer/ service provider , it has become imperative for them to optimize the total process right from the inception of ideas to the final deliverables (Products or services). For each & every Industry, the need of the hour is to have an integrated solution to streamline the total process.

SolidWorks integrated Simulation suite of products (CAE& CFD) can be an effective catalyst for Design & Development team to upfront visualize the real-life behavior of the design under practical conditions. Being a seamlessly integrated solution in a single GUI (Graphic User Interface), the same ensures zero design-data loss unlike importing assemblies from a dedicated Design (CAD) environment to a third party Analysis/Simulation that in turn entails time –consuming iterations as well. Moreover the wizard –driven Analysis approach helps Designers to analyze the Design on a real time basis thus reducing the number of prototypes & ensuring faster time to market. To reap the dividends of any technology or solution, „Effective Implementation‟ is the Mantra. As a Professional Channel to “Dassault Systemes SolidWorks” , we walk that extra mile to ensure full-fledged implementation.

The laudable initiative of „MAKE IN INDIA” originated by the present regime is wooing global investors to act on similar lines. To be a part of this rendezvous, this is the right time to adapt a smarter solution that can redefine the manufacturing process by curtailing Prototype, Over-Design & Rework.


Aakruti 2015 Contest :Shape Your Imagination

Aakruti_PosterWe pelf Infotech as a Professional Channel to “DASSAULT SYSTEMES SOLIDWORKS CORP” , in association with 3D PLM , take an immense pride in organizing a PAN INDIA  event specially for secondary students, Future technocrats and Professors wherein there is  an opportunity for them to give shape to their unique concepts and  ideas using Solidworks to model innovative and smart products.

The winning Team will be privileged by cash amount of 1,50,000 and an opportunity to work with 3DPLM.

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Rendering using SolidWorks

People want to see the design in action, moving and performing the tasks it is designed to do. They want to see the 3D model as they would the real life product, with its specific colors and materials—even the environment or setting of their choosing, be it sitting on a picnic table on a sunny day or on a coffee table in a lamp-lit living room. They also want to interact with, maneuver around, and even go through the design to gain perspectives impossible to capture in 2D.


The ability to experience the design as it would be in “real-life” helps win more business by providing a more engaging way to present proposals. It helps guide critical internal decisions earlier in the design phase, without a need for building costly physical prototypes. And it’s a faster, more cost-effective way to get feedback and confirmation from potential customers and buyers, ensuring you are making the right product decisions.

The rendered image incorporates the appearances, lighting, scene, and decals included with the mode in SolidWorks.

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Celebrating Journey of 13 years



Pelf Infotech is now stepping into 14th year of great journey 2002-2015

Pelf infotech is a leading entity in the field of CAD, CAM and CAE. It is a leading Engineering Service and Solution provider from Pune (Maharashtra). Pelf Infotech is a professional engineering organisation which serves industry in the application of Computer-Aided Design, Various CAD Solutions using SolidWorks and other CAD Software’s, Analysis, SolidWorks Customization, API Development and SolidWorks Training.

Early years:

Pelf has started its journey with Dassault systems’ products in 2002 with the team of only 3 employees .Earlier Pelf was catering only form Pune for western Maharashtra but progressively it has expanded business in central Maharashtra, it has started its branch in Nagpur in 2011, Pelf has also started Kolkata operations in 2013, catering to Eastern India.

Now Pelf has 3 multiple location branches with more than 40 manpower.It caters services for industries like:  Consumer product,Industrial equipments, Product design services, Manufacturing industry, Plant and process industry ,Fabrication industry, Automotive industry(auto body),Casting and forging industry, Tool and die design, construction ,Electrical industry, Equipment manufacturing, Packaging Industry , Defense sector, Government Sector etc.

Accolades and awards:

During Pelf’s journey it has been privileged by various awards ,like:

  • First Certified Advanced Analysis Provider(CAAP) across Western India
  • Certified Advanced Services Provider (CASP)
  • Certified Training & Support Providers (CTSP)
  • Technical Team with CSWST, CSWP, CCST & CPDME certifications
  • “ Best Account Mapping award ” across Defence & PSUs”
  • CLUB 100% AWARD” For Outstanding Performance in 2010 & 2011 by “Dassault Systemes” SolidWorks Corp .U.S
  • Best VAR of the Year- 2011 across APAC
  • Established Virtual Knowledge sharing Platform “SolidWorks Aficionados” for the passionate users of SolidWorks

Other Offerings:

Apart from Dassault product Pelf offers various other products like:

  • CAD/CAM/CAE Training
  • Custom Solutions
  • MODO-The foundry product
  • CAMWORKS- Geomatric Product`
  • 3D Mouse- 3D Connexion

On this occasion of 13th anniversary we would like to thank all our esteemed customers, without whom it would have not possible to complete 13 successful years. We will be always thankful to all our Customers, Partners & well wishers who were always with us in our ups and downs.We would also like to serve all our customers in the same manner for years ahead.


Design Validation of bracket using SolidWorks Simulation.

SolidWorks Simulation is very institutive, easy to use, SolidWorks integrated CAD based structural simulation software, which can handle simple part level static up to complex assembly dynamic conditions. Integration with SolidWorks ensures no data loss to take the design for simulation.

With SolidWorks Simulation product suit, the designer can perform linear static, frequency, buckling, thermal, Optimisation, life prediction, dynamic, non-linear, composite studies & check the performance of the product.

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SolidWorks -3D Solid Modeling

Do you want to :

  • speed design development and detailing
  • improve visualization and communication
  • eliminate design interference issues
  • check design functionality and performance (without the need for physical prototypes)
  • automatically provide manufacturing with 3D solid models that are required when programming CNC machine tools and rapid prototyping equipment

Then why don’t you use SolidWorks and fetch the 3D SOLID MODELING feature????

3D solid modeling is a critical aspect for modern product development and provides the basis for design, simulation, and manufacturing of any part and assembly across a broad range of industries, applications, and products. Use 3D solid modeling feature of SOLIDWORKS  to speed the creation of complex parts and large assemblies.It is always better to create 3d Solid model of your designs rather than 2d Drawings.

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